Ali kourechian

Who I am!

I’m a child soul in an adult frame, who is never tired by new experiences. I’m a fighter and a lover, … a student who never believes in impossibilities.

This child is a person who can’t express himself in words, but can through sculpture.

My name is Ali Kourehchian, a sculptor and an architect born in 1974.

My architectural career started back in 1993 and over the course of the years, I’ve sought various materials in order to solve the functional obstacles, paralleling the achievement of the perfect form in architecture.
Based on this, this child especially enjoys sculpting with all types of media & materials to show his subjects not objects in several ways using sculpture such as: in Architecture & Interior design, Furniture design, Jewelry design, and obviously Sculpture.

He struggles to show clear images of his words. That being said, sometimes he is accused of using different media instead of being loyal to one or two major materials by Art critics! I think this particular ability gives him:

“The freedom to be eternal in ways of sharing the taste of emotions”.

As a result, this child’s obsession has faded little by little, and he has now found his own way to communicate with people.

That’s why I’ve never accepted any commissions unless it has been one of my subjective concerns, as well.

At the end, maybe, it would be better if you figure out who I have been and who I’m going to be by personally studying my works.


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