The Masks in New York

Roya Khadjavi & Massoud Nader

Proudly present:

“For your eyes solely”

A series of mask sculptures by Iranian artist Ali Kourehchian.

Date: May 31st to June 11th 2017.

Opening reception: Wednesday May 31st 6-9 pm.

Press and VIP: Wednesday May 31st 5-6 pm.

Place: Elga Wimmer Gallery, 526 west 26th street, 3rd floor #310, New York, NY 10001

Curated and sponsored by:

Roya Khadjavi/ contact: Roya.khadjavi@gmail.com

Massoud Nader/ contact: MassoudNader@aol.com



Masks collection in NY, the city of art & excitement. Take off your daily masks & join me to celebrate the world of honesty.

Special thanks to Roya Khadjavi & Massoud Nader

Best wishes

Ali Kourehchian

for better exprience turn on your speacker