House of Serenity

complete year: 2015

Main explanation: An open space design availing of a natural tree and genuine wood, in tandem to a minimal usage of form and geometer ,making altogether a serene atmosphere which reminds us of the quality of life. This 40 years old house renovated for the third generation of the owner.

Photo No. 1: different materials used in the floor which separates the living area from dining space, being wooden parquet and epoxy.

Photo No. 3: the TV stand made by concrete and steel, designed for a 360 – degree rotation
Photo No. 6: The lightning, built in the floor with dim-able controls provides atmospheric varieties befitting different events.

Photo No. 7: This is a tree of life inspired by Persian calligraphy which has been written to envisage a part of a poem by Sohrab Sepehry .(Poshte Hichestan)

Photo No. 10: The suspending structure of the counter being magnified by light.
Photo No. 11: The circular stands which are installed at the tree is used to depict a family tree.

Photo No. 12: The use of a natural tree opposite a man – made tree (tree of life) will remind us of different notions of life.

Photo No. 14: Handmade chandeliers made by 30 mm plexiglas. The chandeliers transfer the feeling of a height ceiling to a cozy space

Photo No. 16: Using natural tree trunks as benches softens the space.

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