Tree House

complete year: 2010

Main explanation: villas design concept whose basis was: a tree house placed on the steel branches of trees.

Photo No. 4: the twin chamber measuring each 12′ * 12′ being the center piece in the concept each one stands on a tree shaped column

Photo No. 11: the still columns are designed and made in a way that representing the characteristics of a “sterilized tree” while used as supporting columns.
Photo No. 12: The distance between the column’s Ax and the edge

Photo No. 14: the presence of the steel tree shaped column inside the building adds to the main concept being the “tree house”.

Photo No. 15: in the interior designing the elements: the fire place stairs the reliefs of the “sterilized tree” on the wall, the stairs handrail are arranged to form a single sculpture.

for better exprience turn on your speacker